Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tiger Woods Named "Player of the Year" by PGA - Y'all know it's pronounced "PLAAAAAYUHHHH of the Year".

Awwww yeeeahhh.

Of course Tiger Woods was named Player of the Year (see me doing the full-body eyeroll) by the PGA. Them good ol' boys all knew exactly what Tiger was up to all these years and y'all know it.  


"The PGA Tour's Player of the Year award - a k a the Jack Nicklaus Award - is based on voting by PGA Tour members. And the winner of the vote for the 2009 season is ... Tiger Woods. Woods wrapped up the PGA of America's Player of the Year award some time ago, and everyone knew he'd win the PGA Tour's version, too. The votes just needed to be counted.

It's actually not that common for a golfer who failed to win a major during the year to win the Player of the Year award on the PGA Tour. Winning majors is the biggest deal in the golf world, and Woods didn't win any of them this season."

This is their way of sayin' "we gotchyo back, Cheetah Tiger--make sure you gots mine, know'msayin'?". 

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