Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Bad Boy Edition

"This Hollywood bad boy had supposedly cleaned up his act. However, his wife has been consulting very quietly with a prominent divorce attorney, and has also been asking a lot of questions around town about their stock portfolio and bank accounts.

We've heard it's because her husband's former bouts with both substance abuse and the kind of sex that requires a fat bank account have made comeback. While he is working and he still has the fat bank account, he has lost his grip on both fidelity and sobriety. His wife has had enough, and has her foot halfway out the door.

Dude, you'd better get your act together before she takes you to the cleaners, because your PR people are going to have a tough time spinning you out of this one. The girl may be pretty, but – in case it hasn't dawned on you yet – she sure isn't dumb."

[Blind Gossip]

At first I was scared it was RDJ -- but now I think it's someone who was more into the hookers. Think back. An old friend of Heidi Fleiss, maybe?


busybee said...

you know, i was thinking Charlie too, until i read "Dude". Was kutcher ever a "bad boy"?

DivaJulia said...

I always think of Kutcher as an asshole, but not really a "bad boy".

GoalieGirl said...

Charlie is the one that comes immediately to mind.

I don't want it to be RDJ. Loves him.

busybee said...

So, I re-read the BI.... and the word "DAWN" caught my attn. Charlie was in RED DAWN.

You are so good ;-)