Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Just ONE MORE BABY Edition

"While you should take the rumors that she is pregnant right now with a grain of salt, this star couple is definitely looking to add a child to their family next year. Their latest hunting ground may surprise you. It's not Africa or Asia, or even the United States.

She wanted even more publicity than usual, so she looked beyond the usual borders to … the Middle East! Mr. and Mrs. recently made a very quiet trip to Jordan to inquire about adopting a child of Muslim parentage.

They were both very covered up during the trip, and she wore no makeup. As usual, this entire venture is her idea, and he is just tagging along. We're curious about his strategy for getting out of this relationship if their family gets bigger."

Oh, brother. Waaaaay too easy. I just highlighted the incredibly obvious clues.

1 comment:

jeanbean said...

Someone I know doesn't care how many kids they have as long as he can get a striptease again. Of course what does it matter if you don't look!