Monday, December 28, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Bully/Crybaby Edition

"Trouble is brewing between these two Celebrity families who used to be very close friends and the trouble started with their children. One child from one of the families is being accused of bullying a younger child from the other family. Apparently, when the two clans get together this older ‘bully' pushes, hits, threatens and intimidates.

To make matters worse, when the accusations were brought up, the parents of the child denied it and claimed that their child was close to perfect, further causing tension. Needless to say, the two families aren't hanging out anymore

No one from this is part of Sarah Jessica Parker's family."


 The Crybaby 
Kingston Rossdale

Bully possibility #1
Cruz Beckham 

 Bully possibility #2
Stinkfoot Suri

This is all speculation. Cruz Beckham is one year old than Kingston Rossdale, and Stinkfoot is 1 month older than Crybaby Kingston. 

I would die from laughter --  LITERALLY - if the bully is Suri. I think the Beckhams would have a little chat with their kid about bad behavior, but we all know Stinkfoot rules the gotdamn Xenu roost, so my money is on her being the brat. (Although, I think a side eye from a certain girafffe would make Kingston cry, don't you?)


Catherine said...

Dear Julia,

Please place Snippy's photo in Suri's room, to stare down on her at rest and at play -and by "play" I mean mopping the floor. I am sure the Cinderella myth can work in reverse. I am equally sure Snippy can stare her into some semblance of future sanity and well-being... right? Maybe you should stick a photo in her parents room(s?) as well. I leave it to you to determine appropriate frame & lighting.

Brats: overrated.
Jumpsuits: very overrated.
Both: so over. NEXT.

Yours with love,
The Barefoot Contessa

DivaJulia said... kill me. I can totally envision EVERYTHING. I think it would be tough getting past Tommy Girl.

Oh, and Patrick's worried because the "verified" Tom Cruise is following me on Twitter now--like he's gonna track me down for makin' fun of his little brat.


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