Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is it just a GIVEN that high-powered celebrities cheat?

Tiger Woods's wife, Elin

Got a minute?

Let's have little chat about high-powered (male?) celebrities and their proclivities to cheat on their spouses. Should it just be a given, an expectation, if you will, that high-profile, wealthy male celebrities (actors, athletes, politicians) will cheat on their wives? Obviously, Elin is a stunning woman, but are we to believe the nasty saying, "no matter how gorgeous she is, someone is sick of fucking her"? (Sorry for the language, y'all, but that's how it is. Gross, I know.)

What are your thoughts on this subject? 

My thoughts are that Tiger, much like Kobe, Michael Jordan, Jude Law and John Edwards, et al, live in such a vacuum and are so incredibly stupid to think they will never get caught. I think they truly believe they are above society and feel no need to follow the rules of marriage. It's all about the perfect appearance of a happy family.

We, the public, need to get a clue about these nasty rogues. Given the fact CNN airs commercials for married men who want someone on the side, it's almost as though we should all be cool with this behavior. I'm not cool with it; and I'm completely offended by theses commercials (whose website I will not mention).

Let's hear it. I wanna hear from men, as well.


busybee said...

I have never been a relationship where the man didn't cheat... and none of THEM were famous.

And i'm stealing that quote BTW

Laura said...

Totally agree Julia... Ive been saying all along... all celebrities, atheletes, etc feel like they r so high up that they can cheat no big deal! They all do it. Look at the Fergie and Josh thing... they just got married and he was out slutting around!!

DivaJulia said...

BB and Laura: It's a sad state of affairs, isn't it? Oh. Bad choice of words there.


xoxo j

p.s. BB--Please DO use the quote.

jeanbean said...

I don't get why they get married in the first place. They feel they can do whatever they want so why marry at all? Tiger has damaged his entire family and I only hope they can recover.

Annette said...

I suppose being an immoral type of person i'd best not comment. What society expects and human nature just aren't compatible a lot of the time.