Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods' doctor also treated A-Rod and Madonna... HGH rumors are swirlin'!

 Nice guns, Tiger


Speaking of steroids, it seems Canadian physician Dr. Anthony Galea treated Madonna, A-Rod (hmmmm) as well as Tiger Woods, y'all.


"The Daily News has learned that the Buffalo office of the FBI is investigating Galea, along with Canadian authorities.

Galea flew to Woods' Windermere, Fla., home to treat the golfer earlier this year with his platelet-rich plasma injection therapy, also known as "blood spinning."

Galea has attracted a mystique in sports medicine circles for his advocacy of the process, which involves spinning blood in a centrifuge and reinjecting it into injured joints in the hope of accelerating healing.


jeanbean said...

Maybe this is just to draw some attention away from his "Transgressions".

Billy said...

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