Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey Marc Anthony and JLo at the Dolphins game--What. The GOTDAMNHELL are you wearing?

 A light blue jumpsuit.
Check out homegirl. Ohhmmm. Oh, gurrrl.

LOOK at his necklace. Or is it a neckPIECE?

First of all? These two are guilty as charged for having babies as Media Accessories. I just know Max and Emme are far more attached to their dozens of nannies than they are to these two dorks.

Okay. These outfits. The 70's are not coming back with jumpsuits--and neither are big ol' man necklaces. At. All. I don't care if this misogynistic tiny Puerto Rican a-holo owns a little bit of the lame Miami Dolphins. He looks worse than the woman he has in a deathgrip.

Clearly, I don't care for Marc Anthony. 


jeanbean said...

I am right with you sista. I can not stand seeing these two ugly ass disco rejects. We need to send those people a mirror because it is obvious that they do not have one every time they step out of their house!

Marcia Layton said...

I totally agree with you about Marc Anthony. He repulses me. I also think you are right about the kids being accessories!

christine said...

Why does he always look like he's holding on to her for dear life when they are out? He may as well attach a collar and walk her on a leash. When she tries to stray off he can correct her. Sheesh.