Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today's Blind Item - "White Christmas" Edition

"This very attractive and popular female model and sometime reality star thought she had the funniest joke the other night. While at a Christmas event/party she kept saying, "Oh it will be a White Christmas." She then would do a bump of coke off her hand.

All night she followed the same pattern until finally at one point the whole table she was at said it before she could. She then laughed and did another line."

via CDaN

Hmmmmmm....There's a certain married/mother/model and former reality show gal I'm thinking of. I truly DON'T think it's Mrs. Seal Henry. The one I'm thinking of has an infomerical of shit she won't use herself...but her name is on the products.

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busybee said...

hmmm I was thinking Katie Price aka Jordan