Sunday, December 20, 2009

Latest Update on Brittany Murphy's Untimely Death.

Recent photo of Brittany Murphy looking awfully thin.

I really don't enjoy just reporting what other sites are posting, but the following update seems to really cover the most up-to-date information about the sad and untimely death of actress, Brittany Murphy.


"With sudden news of Brittany Murphy’s death after a 911 call was placed from her home in L.A. early Sunday morning, reveals how her husband reacted to the tragedy and what went on inside their private house hours after her passing.

Simon Monjack, Murphy’s husband since 2007, was seen pacing back and forth in front of their home after coming back from the hospital where his wife was pronounced dead at 10:04 AM according to

The shaken screenwriter was spotted by a witness at the scene crying and screaming while on the phone that afternoon accompanied by a bodyguard, family, and the county coroner at the house, reports.

Sharon, Brittany’s mother, who found her unconscious and called the paramedics, remained at the hospital until later in the afternoon, where her daughter’s body still remains. also spoke with neighbors at the scene while Brittany was being wheeled out to the ambulance on a stretcher.

Claire Staples, who lives nearby, tells that, “It was obvious she was already gone by the time they brought her down from the house.”

Although paramedics, who arrived at the West Hollywood residence at 8:30 AM, were attempting to give the actress CPR by, “sticking tubes down her throat,” Staples claims that Brittany already, “looked yellow.”
And while the medical team tried to revive Brittany, a very shaken Simon stayed away from the body, still in his pajamas from the night before, reports.

As for now, Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the L.A. Count Coroner’s office tells that he was present at Murphy’s house in the afternoon for a, “general investigation,” into her death."

I need to reiterate the issue of drugs and weight-loss in women. I've fucking been there. To hear that Brittany was found in the shower is totally not shocking. Taking a shower is one of the most difficult chores for someone who is dangerously underweight. I needed a chair when I was in Casa Palmera in order to take a shower...and even then, I couldn't do it every single day. When I got home, Stephen had to stand next to the shower to makes sure I didn't collapse. Add the possibility of drugs in Brittany's system (which has not been determined, only rumored about), it's a lethal combination.

Nice, huh? 
Another photo of your's truly in 2008.

This whole situation makes me sad and angry. At Hollywood. At society. At what we do to ourselves in search of PERFECTION and to TRY TO MAKE OUR DEMONS DISAPPEAR.  

Brittany, I hope you find peace now, but I just don't know what happens now.




Annette said...

Hadn't seen that photo of you before - you looked scrawny. Not good.

Ami said...

You should be proud of yourself for the hard work to change the voices that told you to be that thin. You look so much happier and healthier now. Keep speaking out!

Anonymous said...

brittany murphy you were loved by so many people here in orange county you will be hugely missed
lots of love to your family
rest in peace angel lots of love from oc