Thursday, December 17, 2009

NINE Premiere in New York - Someone's make-up artist is getting fired.

 The cast of NINE
 OhdearLord. Nicole Kidman
is gonna cut a bitch for this.

 I see Madonna has found the
Orange, and Lola raided Mummy's closet.

 The Dwarf Scarecrowlsen Twins

The New York Premiere for the film NINE looked like a complete hot mess the other night, but no one could really top Nicole Kidman's impression of Tony Montana with cocaine white powder all of her face. That make-up artist should probably go learn another trade...she will NEVER get another job, except maybe at Kohl's cosmetic counter. 

Fergie looked crabby and was without her cheetah hubby, Josh. Madonna showed up with daughter, Lourdes, who was clearly channeling Mum with that get-up. And since when does Madonna rock the Orange?? She's always had porcelain white skin! And the tiny bagladies who appear surgically attached at the hipbone shuffled into the Premiere, too.

All that said, I am DYING to see this film. DYING!!


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Annette said...

Isn't that funny! What the hell do you think happened there with the powder....very strange...