Sunday, December 6, 2009

George Michael. The new Spokesman for cruising and drug use!

Seriously? That's George-Bloody-Michael??

Beyonce and George Michael - If I Were a Boy - Live at the O2 Arena - Tuesday 9th June 2009 HQ HD

I don't want to wake up in the morning to hear the news that George Michael has died. I just don't. He still has That Voice. The YouTube video (above) was from a concert in London only six months ago, when he joined Beyonce onstage at the O2 Arena to sing "If I Were a Boy". 

I've seen George three times in concert, the last time being in July of 2008. Bloody FANTASTIC. Sure, he was chubby and couldn't quite hit the high notes as well, but it was an amazing show. His touching cover of The Police's Roxanne with stills from the Amsterdam Red Light District was phenomenal. Really. 

George spoke to The Guardian in the U.K. this weekend, revealing all kinds of personal crap.: (It's a little long, but a good read. Go on. Read it.)

"The former Wham! star confirmed he was caught in possession of crack cocaine when arrested last year in public toilets on Hampstead Heath, a gay cruising area close to his home in north London.

But asked when he had last smoked the class A drug, the singer declined to answer.

He told The Guardian newspaper he had cut back on cannabis and now smokes only 'seven or eight' spliffs per day instead of the 25 he used to smoke.

The 46-year-old defended 'cottaging' on the Heath, saying it was 'nicer' than picking up men in bars.


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jeanbean said...

The top picture looks like Tom Watkins from the reunion, doesn't it?!!!