Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder ENGAGED??

Eddie Vedder? In a TUXEDO?
Awwww yeeeaaah.
Eddie and fiancee` (!) Jill.

Oh. Mah. Gah. Eddie Vedder has finally proposed to his stunning girlfriend (and mother of their two daughters), model, Jill McCormick.

Eddie Vedder and his longtime girlfriend, Jill McCormick, are engaged. According to E! Online, the Pearl Jam frontman popped the question to his model companion on Friday night in Washington D.C.

Vedder, 44, and McCormick, 32, already have two daughters: Olivia, 5, and Harper Moon, 15 months. The couple was in the nation's capitol last weekend for Vedder's appearance at Sunday's Kennedy Center Honors gala where he paid tribute to Bruce Springsteen.

Of course I've seen Pearl Jam three times in concert (Hunter will never forgive me, because he didn't get to go to any of those shows. Sorry, dude.) One of the shows was at the tiny Moore Theatre on 2nd Avenue in Seattle (where else?). I went out to the mailbox, and found two free tickets in an un-marked envelope. It was a gift from the Pearl Jam Fan Club (The Ten Club). To be completely blunt, I flipped the fuck OUT. This was in 1994, y'all. In motherfucking SEATTLE.  Seriously???? Gosh, I'm getting wigged out just thinking about it now. Sorry about the cussing, but come ON. You woulda freaked out, too and you bloody well know it.

So, here's my favorite Pearl Jam song, Black.

All of the beauty and
none of the angst. 

Congratulations, Eddie and Jill....

Hey, anyone else out there with some awesome Pearl Jam stories?


Annette said...

I thought that was Russell Crowe at first glance. Pearl Jam are great though.

Annette said...

P.S. Black is also my favourite song:-)

GoalieGirl said...

WOW! He is lovely in the last "no angst" picture.

DivaJulia said...

Annette: Big fat surprise that "Black" is your favorite song, too. ;)

GG: I KNOW, right? He has such a great smile and such pretty teeth!

xoxo j

Anonymous said...

That'snot his girlfriend.That's the skank who runs his website forum