Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snippy, the newborn giraffe is totally judging you.

"Are you seriously wearing that?"

I'm dying. Wait...I have to say it like Rachel Zoe. I. DIEEE. (I got a tremendous pair of sunglasses from her fashion line for Christmas from my mom and I love 'em.)

This baby giraffe was born giving the head tilt, pursed lips and side-eye, with what appear to be eyelash extensions. (Patrick thinks he's queer, of course.) I just think it's hilarious that you can totally read his expression...first of all, he was born in Vallejo, California at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I think this tiny baby realizes that Santa Barbara is just a couple hours north and wishes someone--anyone would get him up there where he belongs. 

I don't blame him. (And I've seen that look in the mirror a few times myself. Hmmmph.) 


Annette said...

Funny! You're totally right of course.

Catherine said...

Oh gawd, this made me do a literal laugh-out-loud. That's exactly how my inner critic looks! "You're wearing THAT?" "What about that cellulite?" "Do you really want another cookie?" "I can't believe you don't fit those jeans anymore" ... and yet, it's so absurd. I may stick this on my desktop, as a useful reminder of ridiculousness: don't let your inner giraffe judge your food or fashion choices.

Hope you LOVE those new shades, Julia.

Anonymous said...

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