Friday, December 19, 2008

Caylee Anthony's Remains Identified

Sweet little Caylee Anthony
Casey Anthony, smiling as usual

Caylee Anthony's remains have been identified by nuclear DNA testing.
The Associated Press reports: ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Orlando authorities say DNA tests confirm the skeletal remains recently found in the woods belong to missing toddler Caylee Anthony.
A county medical examiner said at a news conference Friday that the remains match Caylee's DNA profile, and that the death is considered a homicide.
A utility worker stumbled upon the remains last week, less than a half-mile from where the girl lived. Caylee had been missing since June.
Caylee's mother, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, was indicted in October on first-degree murder and other charges, even without a body. She has insisted that she left the girl with a baby sitter in June, but she didn't report her missing until July.
A search team said they did not check the wooded area sooner because it was submerged in water.
THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Investigators are expected to announce the identity of a little girl's remains found more than a week ago near the home of missing toddler Caylee Anthony.
The Orange County Sheriff's Office and the medical examiner are scheduled to hold a news conference Friday afternoon near the woods where a utility worker found the remains.
The utility worker also is scheduled to make a statement later Friday regarding his discovery.
The girl's mother Casey Anthony is being held on a first-degree murder charge in the toddler's death. She has pleaded not guilty. "

Did any of you see the video of Casey Anthony's conversation with her parents via closed circuit video from jail? The only thing she seemed concerned about was that she "looked so awful". I get the feeling she sits up at night trying to decide which actress should play her in the Lifetime Made for TV movie. Oh WAIT. In HER world, it will be an Oscar winning feature film. The word SOCIOPATH doesn't even begin to describe this piece of garbage. She appears incredibly calculating, self-absorbed and above all, evil. I hope to God the prosecuters in this case have every single piece of evidence in proper order, so justice will be served on Casey Anthony.


Jilly said...

I would sign on to work on that prosecution team...for free, just to see that justice is served on that sad excuse for a human being. How could anyone harm their own child like that? I hope she gets the death penalty...a slow, painful death, that is.

Annette said...

Even I (in France and via Larry 'bless him for keeping me in touch with the latest US scandal'King) have been following this. The ones i don't get are her family??? Didn't the Grandmother call the police to report the missing grandaughter "the trunk smells like there's been a dead body in it" and then start defending her daughter??!!!