Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dipped in Cream's Holiday Share Time!

We're in the last few hours of Christmas Day here on the West Coast. I'm feeling particularly happy and blessed, as I hope all you are, too. We ate, drank and were very merry. We opened our prezzies on Christmas Eve, which I just love doing. I'd like to share a few photos from our usual, some are ridiculous.

Darling, smiling Dayna
Do NOT bug us when we're dancing
to "Womanizer"!

Because I have two 12-year old adult sons.

A White Christmas!

Baby James's First Christmas

Off our back deck

Beautiful snowy Hunter

My darling Stephen, opening the
"Beautiful Firenze" book I made for him.

Every Christmas, someone has to get drunk, don't they?
My favorite present? Watching Stephen, Alex and Dayna (and my mom) open photographic books that I made just for them. I took these pictures and dealt with a wonderful online company who specializes in binding and printing your photos after you upload your edited photos. It was so creatively rewarding to assemble and make the book myself. The end products were just fantastic. Please do go to the link to see the books for yourself!

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Jilly said...

Oh I'll bet they LOVED the books: they were AMAZING!!
Love the "12 year old adult sons" pic!!
Your family is beautiful, J.
What WAS Felix drinking? lolol