Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Men's Wearhouse is All the Rage!

George-I-Guarantee-It-Zimmer and me.
He's HILARIOUS, by the way.

The Ever-Camera-Ready, Dayna

Yours Truly with beautiful husband, Stephen
aka Jane and James Bond

Dayna and Alex (as IF any of you are
looking at Alex!). Yes, "they" are real.
Dayna is wearing a darling Betsy Johnson dress,
and Alex is in his own tux by Sean John (available at MW).

Is it inappropriate for a mother-in-law to be obsessed with how gorgeous her daughter-in-law is? I'm not the only one...George Zimmer ("You'll like the way you look...I guarantee it." was even MORE taken with her wit and beauty at the Holiday Gala held Sunday evening at the Westin Hotel. That's the thing about Dayna...she's laugh-out-loud, belly laugh funny. And in our family--it's ALL about The Funny. She and Alex were the best dressed and most entertaining couple in a ballroom of hundreds...if I DO day so myself. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these two at their shining best.
As usual, it all came down to body-image issues where I was concerned. (Yeah, here we go...) I was self-conscious because last year I weighed about 100 lbs. and THIS year I weigh about 450 lbs. (give or take). I bought two dresses within the past several months for this event--and outgrew BOTH. I settled on a tuxedo from Victoria's Secret. It was a very unusual choice for me, but comfortable. See, the thing is, this event is like the Academy Awards in terms of parties. It's a HUGE effing deal. ALL the girls sweat over what we're gonna wear. At least my eyelashes entered the room before I did!
Stephen wore a fantastic MW tux, much like the $10,000+ Tom Ford version worn by Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace. He looked GORGEOUS.
It was a great party...


Mel&Zulu said...

Yayyy you and Stephen look FAB in that pic Julia. . love the bond theme.

Annette said...

You ALL look really glam (i'm especially jealous of your cleavage Julia) - glad you all had a fabulous time!

Jilly said...

Oh WOW!! You look beautiful. Everybody looked stunning, of course, and I love Alex's tux. NICE!! That is a fab look for you, as Mel said. Nice boobs Dayna!!

finny_minky said...

my GOD you are all gorgeous!!!! Looks and Sounds like it was a great time.