Sunday, December 7, 2008

Does NETFLIX Have THIS? **Gross-out Alert**

So Hunter and I were at Safeway yesterday looking for "Throat Coat" or COTE, however it's spelled. It's an herbal tea that singers use to illiminate phlegm. They ALL drink it. We couldn't find it at first. We looked in the tea and coffee aisle, then moved on to the supplement section. Looking...looking...look--WHAT THE HELL???? You have GOT to be kidding me. Hunter and I looked at each other in utter horror. An herbal colon cleansing product with a DVD?? Does it come with a "Two Thumbs Up" review?

Is THIS in your Netflix queue?

"All About Enemas is an instructional enema movie that covers enemas from A-Z. Kristina Amelong starts the viewer with the "enema" definition and then extensively covers details on the anatomy and physiology of the colon; the enema process including positions to use and why, what enema equipment is needed, types of solutions and colon implants to inject, enema nozzle styles and their usage; plus extensive enema safety issues. Kristina graphically reviews all types of enema equipment that are commercially available: bulb syringes, fountain syringe bags, specialty equipment, nozzles, etc. She also shares recipes for the enema solutions that she uses in her clinic. Especially helpful to the viewer will be the live demonstrations on using bulb syringes, taking a colon cleanse enema and using large volume enemas for total colon cleansing. "
RUNNING TIME: 62 minutes

Holy crap.


Annette said...

Bet you 2 were laughing yourselves to tears and getting lots of strange looks!

Jilly said...

In Safeway? Oh, Holy Mother of all that is sacred, what next?
Yup, this one is in my queue, right after "Polyps: When is it time to see your Doctor" and right before "What that little itch could be telling You"

DivaJulia said...