Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nicole Kidman and Hugh-my-wife-says-I'm-not-gay-Jackman

Are the gay rumors true?
(Hugh, not Nicole...but that would be funny!)

Nicole Kidman and Australia co-star Hugh Jackman hold hands and smile during the live broadcast of the German TV show “Wetten, dass” at the Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany on Sunday.
These two are still promoting the crap out of that crap movie, Australia . Honk shooooo. But, Nicole looks REALLY pretty here. I love her dress, her hair and her shoes. I also love the way she looks a little less like an alien--but I suppose there's always some residual Tom Cruisey-ness left over sometimes. Hopefully, she'll be able to shed the Scientology-lizard hex entirely over time.

Hugh Jackman still does nothing for me.

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finny_minky said...

Gay or Straight, Hugh Jackman is TOPS on my "List of celebrities I am allowed to cheat on my husband with".