Friday, December 19, 2008

Seattle Snow FALL...

I need this shirt.
Accidents just waiting to happen...

Leave it to the biggest clod in the family to fall on her tailbone...yep, you guessed it. I fell this morning walking the dogs--right on the spot where I have a metal plate and 4 screws holding my L5 S1 (tailbone) fusion together. I had the surgery 2 years ago. I know I'm fine, but I cried it hurt so badly. (What a crybaby wuss.)

It's a sad thing when the 90 year old neighbor offers you a hand. (I declined, thank you.)

More snow is expected this weekend. Awesome.

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Jilly said...

awww, poor baby; that HAD to have hurt like hell. Which one of the puppers was the culprit? There was a pic of a stranded bus in Redmond, in this morning's paper. How's that one hill leading up to your house? Are the kids tobogganing (sp?) on it?