Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Katie Holmes Looks Worn-OUT.

"I need a nap, dude."

Well, her bag and coat are pretty at least.

"Katie Holmes bundles up and walks out of her apartment to below freezing temperatures with her favorite green Balenciaga handbag in tow in New York City on Monday.
The 30-year-old actress just celebrated her birthday last week!

All My Sons, starring Katie Holmes, John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest closes Jan. 11. Also on Jan. 11, Tom Cruise is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Tropic Thunder at the Golden Globes, creating a scheduling conflict for the couple.
Katie’s decided to stay and her do last show,” Ina Treciokas, Katie’s rep tells Fox News. “She won’t be going with Tom to the Globes. The cast of All My Sons has been like a family and they want to end it together.”

Now, this is kinda off-subject here, but I'm just curious...do Scientologists actually believe in the true meaning of Christmas? I'm not being (totally) mean--I'm just wondering. And how does Xenu enter into it all? And can she ask Santa/Xenu for a cold-sore-free year in 2009? The poor dear--that thing looks like it HURTS.

Katie looks whooped, man. I thought she was just having a bad day, but wow, there are waaay too many pictures of her looking rough lately. Yep, I love her bag and her white coat, but I can't quit looking at her puffy eyes and skin pallor. I think she needs some real quality time with her family--and by "family", I mean her mom and dad in Ohio. "Project Rescue Katie Before 2009"!

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Mel&Zulu said...

Yeah she is prob worn out by stupid Tom Cruise and all his blahhhh blahhhh blahhhhh all the time!!