Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Official Royal Baby Photos!

The Littlest Prince
LOOK at this getup she's got me in!

Mim's having hams, clams and rolls for dinner...
So,SO exhausted after a long photoshoot...
Prince Felix had his Official Royal Baby photos taken by his Mim (ME!) today. He was an angel, straight from Heaven. We have received calls from OK Magazine in the U.K. for millions of pounds for these shots...but for the good of the Monarchy, I'm donating it all to charity.
Sometimes "Mim" lives in her own world.


susanh4700 said...

Great job by the
Royal Photographer!!

Mel&Zulu said...

OMG he is soooooo adorable Julia. . .hahahahah at the rolls :)

His royal cutness is just getting so big!!

Jilly said...

Awesome pix by Her Royal Mim-ness!
You rock!! So does Felix!!