Friday, December 19, 2008

A TRIPLE Separated at Birth!

That A-Hole Illinois Gov. Blagojevich
That A-Hole Scientologist, Tom Cruise
That awesome actor, Josh Brolin,
as Dan White in Milk

Can you even BELIEVE how arrogant Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was today during his press conference?? Holy crap. It was all the reporters could do not to laugh right at him as he professed his innocence--even WITH his foul-mouthed audio tapes for all the world to hear. It was like an SNL skit all over again. What a complete and utter a-hole.

Then there was my favorite (read: LEAST favorite) Scientologist this week, who completely ignored his son, Conner's premiere in Will (I'm NOT a Scientologist!) Smith's new film, "Seven Pounds". Stinkfoot's dad was too busy promoting himself to be bothered with one of his OTHER kids. He also had to showboat onstage after Katie's Broadway performance to sing Happy Birthday to her (30!) along with Stinkfoot and the cast from Kate's show. Conner's gonna be really pissed someday, probably sooner than later.

Josh Brolin is having quite the couple of years! Last year, it was No Country for Old Men, this year it's W and Milk--both of which he's getting critical raves and award nominations. If anyone can beat Heath Ledger, it'll be Josh Brolin. You heard it here first? Maybe ninth, I don't know.

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Jilly said...

Just like his daddy: Josh Brolin is a class act. Woot!!