Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chris Cornell...Belated Review?

I rarely backpedal. I'm doing it now--publically. While I did indeed enjoy the Timbaland/Chris Cornell concert last month, I didn't love it. (Except for Timbaland's cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. THAT was the shit.) So. Chris Cornell. I do appreciate his efforts in trying something new...I really do, but I felt he was a bit screechy at times. I missed the soaring Cornell voice. I still think he can do R&B--just not hip-hop. I just really prefer my Chris Cornell rocky and and bluesy. I may buy the new cd (or just download it from Rhapsody), I'm still thinking about it.

I know you've heard American Idol's David Cook sing Chris Cornell's version of Michael Jackson's classic, Billie Jean (got that? Go re-read.), but I'll bet you haven't heard Chris doing it live. Do yourself a favor...this Voice is meant to sing like this.

Comments? I dare ya.

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