Friday, December 19, 2008

TIME Magazine - 2008 Person of the Year, Barack Obama

Perfect Choice!

NEW YORK – President-elect Barack Obama has won another contest: He's been named Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2008.

The magazine has named Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Gov. Sarah Palin (WHAT??) and Chinese director Zhang Yimou as runners-up.

Last year's winner was Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Previous individual winners have included Bono, President George W. Bush and CEO and founder Jeff Bezos.

There truly was no other choice than President-Elect Obama for this honor.


Jilly said...

AW YEEEAAAHHHHH!! Woot!! I'm buying that issue for sure...or I'll steal it from my hairdresser's today, hahaha!!
Guess they had to throw Palin in there to pacify the feminist agenda, lol

Annette said...

And i'm really pleased for our little Sarkozy. He's a great bloke. Years a go he actually negociated with a dynamite covered-maniac who had a classroom full of kids hostage. And not on the phone - in the classroom doorway and he even managed to get the bloke to give up a couple of the kids to him....gonna look it up on Youtube for you..