Monday, December 22, 2008

Angelina's German Cosmopolitan Cover

Das Angelina

Below is a translated exerpt from the interview with Angelina in next month's German Cosmo:

"How do you find time for your family, acting career and your commitment as a UN ambassador?Well I do take my time outs. And most of all I do receive support from Brad. We are a good team. That is important to me and gives me strength.
This is a beautiful idea, but I cannot sit quietly while others die of hunger and children. My commitment for the United Nations I do not want to abandon. The play has no greater priority. In February, I still turn a movie, then I suppose one years off.

How can you survive each day without a nervous breakdown?

I’m very disciplined. I have a balanced diet and among other things I do Pilates. If I’m fit I feel more comfortable and I do have a lot more energy.
In Changeling you play the role of a mother whose son disappears without a trace. That’s not a easy role. Absolutely. Just the idea of such a possibility made me go completely crazy. Initially, I wanted to cancel it. But the strength and self abandonment of this woman made be accept the role."
Your laugh for the day is trying to imagine Jennifer Aniston in a role like Angie's in Changeling. HAHAHAAA! That'll be the day.

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Jilly said...

Oh she is just the most beautiful, classy woman in recent history. I just love me some Angie. Lucky Brad!!
And...uh, nope: can't see Jen in that role. Ha!!