Sunday, December 21, 2008

Samantha Ronson is Really Tired, Man.

Sam just needs a snack and a nap.

Listen, YOU try keeping up with Lindsay! I knew Sam's morning IV of Red Bull and vodka was gonna catch up with her eventually.

"X17 photographers witnessed Lindsay's g-friend Samantha Ronson rushed to the hospital just an hour ago!
Lindsay and an assistant escorted Sam from her Los Feliz home to a local hospital. Sam and Lindsay were in the back seat of the car - Samantha lying down on Linday's lap the whole time. (Luckeeeeee.)
Sam was taken from the car into the emergency entrance of the hospital in a wheelchair."

Seems that Sam isn't getting enough to eat or enough sleep. I tell ya what: If Sam had come to Casa Palmera aka Paloma Picasso when I was there, I never woulda left. (Until SHE did, of course!) I'm totally queer for Sam AND Lindsay. There. I said it.

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