Thursday, December 25, 2008

J.Lo is Spying on Marc "Skeletor" Anthony

Maahc 'n Jennifuh, from da Bwonx

Page Six is reporting:
Jennifer Lopez was so concerned that Marc Anthony might cheat on her while he was on tour, she sent her assistants along with him.
I hope she's spying on him so she has proof that he's a complete A-hole and can use it against him. Then she can be free from the shackles of this weasel.
Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago when Jennifer Lopez attended the premiere (SOLO!) for ...Benjamin Button? You know, when she was drop-frickin' gorgeous in her cream satin gown, without her wedding ring? (And I want to address that issue: Happily married people DO NOT just decide to stop wearing their wedding rings--particularly in the same time frame. Why even have wedding rings at all if they are just worn as the occasional "accessory"? I call bullshit on ALL of that talk.)
So anyway, look how Jen is "told" (by Marc, of course) to dress when they go out together. She looks fresh off "The 6" train from the Bronx into Manhattan. That ponytail? That "Forever-Hoochie-21" dress? Those earrings? OMG--I just noticed her BRASTRAP!! What the GDH? Is that a stupid Bluetooth hanging from his ear? JENNIFER LOPEZ is his WIFE--what call could be that important? Oh, wait. Nevermind. I think that's just a piece of his greasy hair out of place. Ewwww.

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