Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Seattle's Space Needle
Happy (phallic much?) New Year!

So, be HONEST. How was YOUR 2008? Mine was horrible, terrifying, liberating, chubby, Mim-ish, full of love...for Stephen, Felix and new boxer, James. (Yes, I love the rest of the clan, too...but you know, that falls under that category of "being tolerant", doesn't it? I think THEY barely tolerate ME. Oh well. That's what happens.)

I'd love to know everyone's New Year's plans, resolutions, regrets (if any)...all of your STUFF. C'mon, TELL Mama. Tell her! I'll tell ya mine!
Oh, and my favorite lyric from a song recorded in 2008 is:

"You say I'm crazy--I GOT your crazy..."
(from Britney's "Womanizer"--classic line.)

What's YOURS?

One more thing, I'm the "Better Behaved Trainwreck" I'm referring to, this time...FYI.


cartermagna said...

Happy New Year Jules!

Favourite song lyric of 2008? Has to be "After the havoc that I'm gonna wreak, No more words will critics have to speak, I've got the answers to the tangled knot, sleep tight in your cot."

Believe it or not it just reminds me of driving to cricket matches with my flatmate, both of us shouting the words.

Happy 2009 darlin'! x x x

DivaJulia said...

Oh Carter. Of COURSE your lyric would be far more intellectual than my trite choice. Unfortunately, mine is probably just as fitting for ME as yours is for YOU. Heh.

Happy 2009, Mister Man.