Friday, December 5, 2008

Tom Cruise is "Heightening"

LOOK at those lifts he's wearing!
Mickey, from Seinfeld, who "heightens"
to keep his acting job. Hmmm.

Kramer, convincing Mickey to wear lifts

KRAMER: Now look, we're going to stop at the shoe maker right now. You gotta get some lifts for your shoes.
MICKEY: Lifts?! Look Kramer you don't understand, this kind of thing is just not done.
KRAMER: You wanna keep your job don't you?
MICKEY: Ya but..(Kramer interrupts him)
MICKEY: Kramer(Kramer interrupts again)
KRAMER: (with his hand in Mickey's face) YAAAAAH!

Make up your own joke or conclusion to this post.

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