Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spotted: Christmas Garden Gnome-ALIVE!

Behold. The elusive Garden Gnome.
Ssshhh! you'll frighten him!
He's wearing SHORTS!
Better than a "Bigfoot" sighting!
Back to his natural state.

I couldn't have made this up if I TRIED. I was out doing errands, dog walking..stuff like that, when I spotted a Chistmas Garden Gnome--ALIVE and decorating his front yard! I had James, my boxer pup with me, and I actually started talking to him (more than usual). "James! Did you SEE that?? Hurry up and go potty--mom has to go back and get her camera! Come ON!! GO already!" We hurried back home, I grabbed my BIG, professional camera (not the the little Canon PowerShot) and tore back over to the Gnome's house. I spotted a van I could hide behind. Sweet! As I ran across the street to hide, I slipped in dog poo, almost breaking my camera. Poo all over the black Uggs. Bleh!! Oh, but that way if anyone (like the gnome asked me what I was doing, I could just say, "scraping off dog poo from my BOOT! What are YOU doing??" Total paparazzi moment. Ducking behind the van, I caught these photos. I need to call the Weekly World News. (That trashy mag that insists aliens are here on Earth.) They may be on to something. Proof: Tom Cruise and now the Gnome.

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Jilly said...

Julia; Have you been sneaking my wacky tobaccy again? lololol