Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh, Yes! St. Barts for the Holidays!

Daniel (gulp) Craig on holiday in St. Bart's

Daddy Dave and Harry

Giorgio Armani in St. Bart's

I just asked my husband, Stephen, "holy crap! Who isn't in St. Barts for the holidays?" He said, "us". Hmmph. I guess we are the only ones who didn't get to spend Christmas in French Indies island of St. Barts. Barbeque sauced Donatella Versace was there, as we talked about earlier, Daniel Craig, Marc Jacobs, stupidEddieMurphy, even my beloved David Letterman was spotted jogging and taking son Harry, 5, for a walk!

So. Georgio Armani? He's 74 years old! Stephen promised me he'd look that good when he's that age (which I believe!). I just told him I wouldn't look like Donatella Versace. That's the best I can promise. (Scroll down to previous post regarding the "lovely" Donatella, please.) Bleh.


Annette said...

Thankyou for that post-new-year-mini-orgasm Julia! Catch you soon - we've all been really ill over Christmas - so for once food hasn't been my enemy!

Annette said...

(Think i should point out that above comment only refers to Daniel Craig - just in case someone gets the wrong idea)