Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Teacher's Conference Edition

"We know parents can be protective of their kids, but this television actress really crossed the line. Her child had complained that they had been verbally bullied by some of the other students in their class.

So, during a recent parent/teacher conference, Mom confronted the child's teacher about the bullying. Their discussion rapidly deteriorated into a shouting match, with the actress standing over the teacher and jabbing her finger at the teacher's face. She accused the teacher of encouraging the other children to pick on her child because the teacher was jealous of the actress.

The flustered teacher then had to explain that she did not even know that the actress still had a television show on the air. This totally caught the actress off guard. She wound up mumbling an apology and slinking out the door a few minutes later."

[Blind Gossip]

I can see every actress in Hollywood a couple of gals who may have pulled this crap--Patricia Heaton? Courteney Cox?


busybee said...

does patricia have a show on tv?

sumyandmontysma said...

i say patricia heaton..

DivaJulia said...

BB: Yeah, Heaton has some new show on ABC that was sandwiched between two episodes of "Modern Family" last week. I loathe her so much that I didn't stick around for her show, but then promptly switched back for the second MF.

I keep hearing stories about what a screechy bitch she is...just tellin' ya what I heard.

xoxo j