Monday, February 2, 2009

A Cause Dear to My Heart...Northeastern Boxer Rescue - Please Help Sweet Chester

Northeastern Boxer Rescue is one of the charities that I am involved with. These folks do amazing and wonderful work. I'm always happy to help whenever I can...please help this darling little boxer if you are able.

It will do your heart so much good. I promise.

Sweet Chester

IT STARTS WITH ONE PERSON WHO CARES We received an urgent email from a woman out of our area who rescued a small boxer from a horrendous situation. After you read her email you will understand why we needed to help:

“My name is Angie and I run a small mobile home park in a bad neighborhood. I took a small male boxer from a very bad man. The resident had left him out all night and he screamed and screamed until my cousin went searching for the sound. He was shocked and went and got me. I flew up there to see the dog and he cowered and screamed like I was going to hurt him. His head is no taller than a short person’s knees. He has been badly starved and abused. We have had him now for 4 days and he is gaining weight rapidly and is spunky and friendly as ever. He is good with other animals but is very protective over his food. He is a beautiful little dog but in need of medical care. Our animal control and humane society is worthless around here. Animal control or humane society would not even knock on the abuser's door to question him about the situation. They just asked if I wanted him picked up so they could put him to sleep. I can’t see such a precious pooch that lived his life in living hell to die so unnaturally. If there is any way you or if you know anyone that can help, I will be so grateful. I have 5 dogs now, 1 that is a senior citizen that is in very bad shape. I did take him to the vet the next day and he weighed 19 lbs. Since then he has filled out and gained about 5 lbs. The vet said he did have all three worms in his stool but I can‘t afford treatment. He is very intimidated by men, but has learned to trust the few around the office here.” Within minutes after reading this email, one of our volunteers responded. As fate would have it she grew up near this area and has relatives there. She immediately made the necessary arrangements to bring Chester to a Veterinary Hospital. Within twelve hours he was receiving much needed medical care. The doctors at this hospital confirmed that Chester is very thin and malnourished although he has a wonderful attitude. He tested positive for roundworm and tape worm and has been treated. Happily, he tested negative for heartworm. He has some hair loss around his ears and on his hocks so the doctor is doing a skin scraping to make sure he does not have demodectic or sarcoptic mange. We are still awaiting these results. The doctor estimated his age at eight months but they say he is extremely tiny. He will need to be neutered once he is healthier. The doctors want to observe him for 24 hours until they release him from the hospital to make sure he is OK. Chester’s story is not unlike many of the other sad cases that we have taken into our rescue program. These stories all begin with one person who cared enough to get involved and look for help. Can you donate to help CHESTER?

You can send a check directly to: Northeastern Boxer Rescue
P.O. Box 95 Sunderland MA 01375.

or use PayPal makes it easy and secure to send payments online via credit card.

Boxer Rescue Contact Area: Northeastern Boxer Rescue

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