Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cinderella and Stinkfoot Suri!

GAAAAH! The Stinkfeet are loose!
The lines for the Cruise-y Exhibit

Tom Cruise, Official Human Zoo Paparazzi

Hey! It looks like Disney World has turned into a "human zoo" of sorts. The Cruise-y family was on display (E-ticket, please) for the commoners to view behind iron gates.

"The toddler, who has become something of a fashionista despite her tender years, looked adorable in a blue ball gown and bare feet (STINKFOOT-HAZMAT ALERT!) and was all smiles during the trip which was a Valentines day surprise for her and her mother from film star Tom.

Who KNEW there were signs for this??

Katie opted for a more casual look for the occasion and was sporting a striped top and jeans."
Could Tom be any more of a dork? He should have closed down the theme-park like any other decent celebrity would do. This little narcissist-in-training that he's raising is gonna be a mess when she realizes she's just a photo-op for a sham of a marriage.
Did I say that out loud? Oh.

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