Sunday, February 1, 2009

Paris Hilton WISHES She Could be Patsy Stone, Sweetie Dahling.

Oh, Paris.
The Diva Joanna Lumley as
The Diva Patsy Stone in "Ab Fab"

The Sun reports:

"The hotel heiress sported a brand new hairdo seemingly inspired by JOANNA LUMLEY’s towering barnet in Absolutely Fabulous.

And if that wasn’t enough to draw comparisons, Paris also donned a pair of fishnet tights identical to those worn by Joanna’s alcoholic layabout alter-ego Patsy Stone in the classic sitcom. "
Who DOESN'T want to be Patsy Stone? Patrick and I were forever arguing about who got to be Patsy and who was Edina. We still LOVE this British (and homo-iconic) show from the 90's. Patrick is bringing his Platinum and Diamond Faggotty (are there two t's in 'faggotty'? - it doesn't appear to be in my SpellCheck), oh, so Special Edition Boxed Set of Absolutely Fabulous so we can re-live the good old days, just like Pats and Eddie do with the 60's.

Absolutely Fabulous Pictures, Images and Photos
"Nobody dies in their own vomit THESE days, Sweetie...."

Too bad I feel fat like Edina these days...and just as neurotic.

Eddie: "Theres is a THIN woman on the inside just dying to get out!"
Eddie's Mum: "Just the one, dear?"


Annette said...

hihi! I got the whole series for Xmas - classic - but you have to watch it with a girlfriend or a gayfriend to get the full benefit.

DivaJulia said...

Why don't you fly over? Patrick will arrive TOMORROW! Goddammit, why do you live half-way around the world???

Annette said...

I was thinking that this morning - i'd love you to live next door! (But i'd be round yours so often you'd have to kill me!)

DivaJulia said...

Oh, the fun we'd have. Talk about Patsy and Edina--"Jules and 'Nettes", sweetie darling.