Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th, Alex!

Newborn Felix, in his
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" onesie.
Happy 13th!!

Today will be fine. Just fine.

Friday the 13th is Alex's favorite day of the year. I can hardly wait to see what kind of get-up he's got Felix in today--a onesie and a hockey mask, maybe?

While I'm blaming myself for everything that my kids may have done wrong (or at least questionable), today reminds me of why Alex is, well, Alex.

He loves him some gory movies. I took Alex to see The Crow when he was eight years old. THREE TIMES. We were, and still are, huge fans of the late Brandon Lee. We collected everything from that movie: an oversized, museum-framed poster, the graphic novel, trading cards...and we had them signed at Comic Con by the writer of the story, James O'Barr (who doesn't sign anything pertaining to the film anymore). I was obsessed. And so began Alex's nuttiness.

Is it any wonder Alex is competely OCD about the horror genre? I have to hand it to him, though, he knows his shit. He can tell you who produced what cheesy 1980's slasher film and what company distributed it--if any of that matters to you. I find it hilarious that he has this list--pages upon pages of all of his horror dvds; when he watched it last, who was there with him, whether he was wearing his vintage Luther Vandross (!) shirt or not (okay, not really, but honestly, he's nutty). At least he's moved some of his framed and signed posters into his Man Room, so that we aren't as concerned about Felix absorbing all of this mayhem into his sweet little subconscience.

So. Yeah. Today's kind of like Christmas for Alex--only more spiritual.

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