Monday, February 16, 2009

Lindsay Makes "Raisinface" Rachel Zoe Look Like a Cow!

Lindsay, Some Designer I Could Not Care Less About
and StupidRachelZoe, "Stylist to the Stars"
Lindsay, the day after she called out
"sick" from a scheduled appearance with Sam,
who was also "sick".

I think we've seen this look on
Linds before...just prior to rehab.

Just a quick reminder of why we loathe Rachel Zoe...
"Rachel is a celebrity stylist whose most notable clients are Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. Hate those ugly head scarfs Nicole is always sporting? What about those 80’s leggins that Lindsay seems to live in? Well this is the woman to blame for all that ugly. Rachel has been accused of being more than just the woman who brings style to Nicole and Lindsay. Some tabloids reported this summer that Rachel was in fact the girls drug dealer. I doubt that she is personally responsible for the obvious drug use of some of her clients, but it seems fishy that her two biggest clients have struggled with weight issues and/or eating disorders."
Now, we don't have proof that Lindsay is still using Clenbuteral, StupidRachelZoe's weight-loss steroid of choice for her clients. Google it--you'll see what I'm talkin' about. I can't really see Lindsay taking a weight-loss pharmaceutical that doesn't give some other "benefit". phantom itching and a runny nose. Just sayin'.

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