Sunday, February 8, 2009

Patrick's Here and He's Queer~and So is His Dog.

Sam and James are now involved in illegal dogfight activies,
thanks to Patrick.
Ya'll can expect an Amber Alert when
my James suddenly "goes missin' "

Notice Baby Felix's hand...apparently
this is a Prom picture?

I've fallen off the veggie wagon just as I've fallen behind on the blog. Patrick's here and all bets are off. Oh, cinnamon rolls and macaroni and cheese with spicy sausage, where've you BEEN? We'll probably hit Dick's Drive-in on Capital Hill before all is said and done for half a dozen double deluxe burgers. Awesome.

Right this second I'm watching him encourage Sam (Patrick's German Short Hair) and my Boxer, James into some innocent Michael Vick-style dog fighting in the living room. I see fifties (or is it fiddies?) being tossed around and there is a lot of yelling.

Good Lord.


Annette said...

Glad you're having fun! Eat and enjoy now...plenty of time for spinich sandwiches later (what are you anyway - popeye???!) Love the last pic - both SO handsome.

Jilly said...

Love me some Dick's drive-in...where u can get ur grub on, and get ur windows washed!!
Sweet! Glad you're enjoying the visit. And don't worry, James can definitely hold his own!!