Wednesday, February 18, 2009

YAY!!! My Boys at SUGARDADDY'S SALON Are Havin' an Oscar Party--and I'm Invited!

Upstairs at the fabulous, Sugardaddy's Salon
Cutie-Pie, James

Ummmm...I was SO totally obvious about whom I hoped would show some pity on a girl and invite me over! YAY!!! Another opportunity to have a swell time with my boys, Tim and James.

Snackies and drinkies and bitchiness shall ensue!!

Here's some cool info about the salon they own (and we LOVE)!

"A Most Rockin'Port Orchard Salon

Sugardaddy's has become Kitsap County's salon to visit for cutting-edge cuts, stylish styles and sizzling color services.

Tucked away on Bay Street in downtown Port Orchard, Sugardaddy's is worlds away from chain store chop shops and those snooty "yuppie" salons. Once you step inside, you'll feel right at home in our laid-back atmosphere. Actually, we dare you to find a better place for a haircut.

Rock memorabilia fills the walls and a moroccan theme sets a mellow vibe while you enjoy the best in hair services. And on your way out make sure to pick up a CD from one of the local bands we support.

Just look for the disco ball in the window, ya'll!!

Thanks, Tim and James for (ahem) thinking about me!!! It's gonna be fantastic--oh, and there will be pictures....and Patrick MIGHT be able to attend after all!!

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Annette said...

Phew - that was a close shave Julia. (Lol - ok it was a crappy pun!)