Monday, February 23, 2009

Lindsay is Sagging...and Not Just Her Career. And Speaking of Boobs? Sharon Stone, WHAT the GDH?

This is what happens when you

Actually, Lindsay is lucky her boobs have stuck around this long...but it looks like they are beginning their haitus. She coulda worn a bra with that weird dress, too, by the way.
Then we have elder-stateswoman, Sharon Stone showing off the goodies we don't care to see.

Yikes, Sharon. Really?

I admit it. Sharon's boobs look good. (If you tilt your computer screen just right, you will see what I'm talking about.) She's over 50, ya'll. However. When is it okay for women to wear see-through dresses in public? (Unless you are one of the following, of course: Carmen Electra; any of Hef's get the idea...hoochies.) Des-per-ate.

Neither one of these (ahem) "ladies" attended the actual Oscar ceremony, but felt the need to trot around town looking for parties that might allow them to enter.

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christine said... made me do it. The head tilt.