Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Will End Up Badly. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are Back Together and Trying to Get Pregnant?

Kate and Owen. Again.

OhdearLord. Desperate and Flighty Kate and Fragile Owen are trying again to make a go of things again. But this time, a baby may be involved?

The Sun reports:

A source close to Owen told The Sun, “Kate and Owen initially got back together three months ago after realizing they couldn't live without each other. Now they are ready to become parents. They've discussed the idea of becoming parents at length and Kate has seen a change in Owen...He loves the idea of being a dad and has told Kate that he's ready when she is, but the sooner, the better!”

The source added, "Kate is over the moon and really wants to start a family with Owen now [that] she feels he has finally grown up. The fact that he is ready to make that commitment to her has given her faith in the relationship."

Okaaaaay. Everyone's "over the moon". Kate can't seem to keep a man for more than a couple of years, tops. The last time she and Owen broke up? He ended up with some nasty cross-shaped scars on his wrists and a trip to the hospital.

This whole relationship is worrysome, at best.

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