Thursday, February 19, 2009

Police Photo of Rihanna after Chris Brown Beating...


TMZ has released the police photo of Rihanna after Chris Brown ("allegedly"? pssshh) beat the crap out of her. Look at that poor girl.

LOS ANGELES - "It's a picture of undeniable pain and heartbreak.
A harrowing image of Rihanna with deep bruises on either side of her forehead, blackened areas around her eyes and what appears to be blood at the corners of her mouth was posted Wednesday night on the celebrity gossip site
The picture matches descriptions of a police photo taken after the "Umbrella" singer's alleged assault at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown on Feb. 8, the morning of the Grammys."

I swear, if Rihanna goes back to him (like the rumors on the internet say), it will be a tragedy.

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