Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Northeastern Boxer Rescue Needs YOUR Help...

Sweet Gert

This poor girl needs your love and attention...


We received an e-mail plea regarding an older female boxer who was rescued from a horrendous puppy mill situation. Officials have been trying to shut this operation down for quite some time without success. Luckily, for some of the dogs, the owner of this puppy mill became ill and was hospitalized. Her daughter finally called the authorities and agreed to let them have the adult dogs. Sadly, she was able to keep all of the puppies.

Most of the dogs were small dogs, but there were also two boxers. Unfortunately, the other boxer was killed because he did not pass the shelter’s behavior evaluation. Three of the small dogs were euthanized for health reasons. An additional two dogs were found dead on the property. All of the dogs were shy and in terrible condition. Gertie was a favorite of the shelter staff because she was so sweet.

When we saw the picture of Gertie , her eyes were pleading with us; we knew we could not leave her to die in the shelter. Her age was estimated to be at least 10 years old. She has no teeth, and has obviously been bred multiple times. She is grossly underweight at 39 pounds. She has not been spayed because the veterinarian at the shelter said it would not be safe. We will make an appointment for Gertie to see our vet as soon as possible. She will receive a much needed medical work-up. Arrangements were immediately made to have her transported to one of our foster homes. More to come when Gertie arrives.

To help GERTRUDE you can either DONATE ONLINE AT:> <http://www.boxerrescue.com/> www.boxerrescue.com or you can send a check> directly to: Northeastern Boxer Rescue, P.O. Box 95 Sunderland MA 01375.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this sad and avoidable issue.

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