Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kelly Clarkson at Wango Tango - Leave Her ALONE!

Kelly Clarkson, belting it OUT.

Guess what? Kelly Clarkson is a SINGER. She's not a vacant, vapid model. She performed at the KIIS FM Wango Tango event last weekend, and do you think anyone talked about her badass vocals? No. They talked and wrote about her WEIGHT. Leave her ALONE, and appreciate her pipes. Jesus, this shit makes me mad.
Believe me, I understand about the aesthetics of the entertainment world. I just feel terrible that Kelly is constantly ridiculed for her appearance, and I know it's because she's a woman. Plain and simple. So, on that note? Let's take a look at some F.A.T. men who aren't verbally abused in the media due to their chubbiness. It's high time, and I am just the chick to do it...let's go:

The once very handsome, Vince Vaughn

Top Gun and Batman? Seriously, Val Kilmer?

The beloved chins of Tom Hanks

Doesn't feel very good now, does it, boys?


Anonymous said...

I checked out your site from the Blogger Awards and liked it. I voted for you. I hope you win.

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Annette said...

You seen skinny Jennifer Love Hewitt? She's lost LOADS of weight and she looks SO EFFING OLD now.
Blogger awards? Where's that - I'll vote for you Julia!

jbeebs said...

Sweet post, glad you had the balls to do it!

I signed up on that site just to vote for you. Good luck.

DivaJulia said...

JBeebs-WELCOME! (And thanks for the vote--you're awesome!) I hope you leave lots of comments...we love interaction around here!

xoxo j