Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm doing the "Gokey Out" Jig right now.


If you missed Kris Allen's version of Kanye West's "Heartless", give a listen. He deserves to be in the Top Two, even though we know who will end up with the roses and tiara...

Oh, American Idol. Every season I just know I cannot possibly invest my undying love and affection that I bestowed on last season's contestants...but it happens every. Single. Time.

My littlest dream came true last night when that goddamned my-dead-wife-glasses-wearing dork Danny Gokey's hopes were crushed by Seacrest's stiletto heels. Krissy Allen made it through to the finals with Miss Adam Lambert. Sweet!

Speaking of Miss Lambert, my darling friend Cyndy didn't know what "gayface" meant when I used the term at lunch the other day. (I KNOW. Funny, huh?) She even mentioned that her daughter (married with children) thinks Glambert--and I quote--"MIGHT NOT BE GAY". (Hold up. I'm bent in half from the snorting laughter...)

Okay, Cyndy and Katey: Visuals of The Gayface.

Oh, Adam.

Even without make-up...

Don't forget the MAC LipGlass!

And of course, dear Patrick. Cellphone, cocktail and flip-top head smile.

The ULTIMATE in Gayface.

Just tryna edu-macate mah girls.

Oh, and wouldn't you know my yoga/meditation classes start up again NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT. Thank the Lord for DVR.


Katelyn said...

I'm so disappointed if he really is!!! That's not fair, I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

DivaJulia said...

Oh Katey...I'm peeing my pants laughing. I'm sorry.."IF he really is"??? Go back and check my archives for the pics of him kissing a dude while in drag. Honey. It's okay. You can still love him...just not "in that way".

xoxo j

Annette said...

I saw him on French TV. He's getting coverage here because he's gay and he might win. O.K. he can sing. But so can SOOOOOO many people. I don't see star quality? Some of the BIGGEST, most LONG-RUNNING stars aren't fantastic singers (Bowie, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop still pull the crowds years & years later. Their voices just aren't THAT good - the list is pretty endless in fact). The voice is secondary. The charisma, originality and star quality are indispensible and i don't think he has enough of those.

Annette said...
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