Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brad Pitt Calls Mel Gibson "Sugar Tits"--Hilarity Ensues

Brad, Mel, David Fincher and Edward Norton
I love what a doofus Brad is--meanwhile,
Edward Norton seems quite humorless.

"Thanks, Sugar Tits", was Brad Pitt's response to being given the Spike TV's Guy's Choice Hall of Fame Award for "Fight Club" by Mel Gibson. (You'll remember Mel calling a female Malibu police officer that term of endearment after being arrested for a DUI...) I love Brad. Not just because he's sorta purrdy, but because I think he's genuinely funny and a smartass. Perfect combo.

Why does Edward (don't call me Ed) Norton always look like a crab-ass?

Anyway. David Fincher is one of my favorite directors. Along with "Fight Club" (one of my Top 5 Favorite Movies EVER), he directed "Se7en", "That Benjamin Button Shit" (wasn't that the name?), and some really visually beautiful music videos--remember them? Oh, those were the days.


busybee said...

HEY! you be nice to my eddy... :-P

DivaJulia said...

He's just so cranky!

busybee said...

he misses salma's boosoms

DivaJulia said...