Monday, May 4, 2009

Costume Institute Gala 2009 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Monday Night

Madonna wins the WHAT the GDH Award.
Didn't I just say she can't dress appropriately--EVER?
Mayjah disappointment, Posh. Mayjah.

StupidKateMoss, looking coked-out

Tom Brady, Simpleton and wife, StupidGiselle

Jessica Biel and

Tranny-Tyra Banks
Rihanna. Yeeeesh.

Anne Hathaway, for Easy Spirit.

That's a LOT of dress, Heidi!

Oh, MaryKate. Did Miley lend you that dress?

Renee Zellweger, pinched. As usual.

This pictures smacks of Pretty Woman.
Kanye's stripper, girlfriend, Amber Rose

Kate Beckinsale. Pretty dress, weird face.

The always gorgeous Iman.
Where's hubby, David Bowie??
Tonight was the huge event in NYC known as Costume Institute Gala, which is held yearly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year's theme was "Model as Muse".
And ya know what? You should read all about it in the New York Times. I'm still rubbing my eyes in disbelief at Madonna's get-up. Here's the link...


Annette said...

Mary-Kate bride of Frankenstein.
Hate Renee Z's shoulder's - she looks like a 14 year old boy who's started working out.

Annette said...

Jeez - some of those dresses are minging.

DivaJulia said...

Oooh...a new word! Minging??? A little help?

Annette said...

Verb, present continuative tense of ming, q.v.

1. smelly
2. ugly
3. drunk, (usu. used in relating last night's events)
4. generally distasteful, Someone who is minging is also a minger, q.v.

This word is widely used in the North of England and Scotland.
"I went to the pub last night and it was so smokey, my clothes are minging!"
"He's thinks he looks great but he's minging."
"My mate's dog drank a whole bowlful of rum and he was minging!"
"Chuck that kebab out, it's minging!"

-There you go Julia me luvvy! P.S. Do you ever check out Urban Dictionary? It's great.

Annette said...

Or Mingin' (no g the scottish way)
blind, pissed, smashed, rotten, off your tits, stoned (old sense), stonkered
"he was sae mingin' he didnae care hoo mingin' she wus"

There's also a "minger" - check out:

and you can also say "minghole"

Anonymous said...

again Madge is a futurista, not just a fashionista, what she wore will influence fall and spring. love, the boys

DivaJulia said...

Anonymous Boys...We'll discuss this over drinks, soon I hope!!


p.s. "Anonymous" my fat ASS.

Anonymous said...

i forgot my password, thats why its anon

Annette said...

"what she wore will influence...."......hmmmm, i've been looking for the perfect outfit to take the trash out in.....