Friday, May 1, 2009

Suddenly Katie Holmes is Old.

Katie (Deadeye) Holmes and that tiny idiot,

Okay. Not suddenly, but holyLord she look like an ol' biddy! First StupidTom Cruise insisted she dress like a 12 year old boy,now he's dressing her up like his mum! Nice grandmother-of-the-bride emsemble. Wow. Here she is with that little goon at the premiere of Star Trek last night in Hollywood. Yeeeesh.

Doesn't anyone care about Katie at all? Obviously she is a miserable cow...a sulky moo, if you will. (Wink.)

I think we should band together to help dear Katie escape. Who's in?


KLo said...

I would love to have a conversation with Katie Holmes. Like, a private conversation that she'd no would never be repeated. I would just love to know how what's happened to her has come to pass ...

DivaJulia said...

Count me IN on that conversation--I PROMISE I won't tell anyone else. Heh.