Sunday, May 3, 2009

Annie Lennox...A Woman to Be Admired.

Annie Lennox at 54 freakin' years old!

You Better Reccanize, Bitches.

Circa 1986

Here's someone who has never been on the blog before: Annie Lennox. I just don't feel like being snarky today, so here's a bit of a lovefest for Annie.
She looks and sounds every bit as edgy, relevant and pitch-perfect as she did back in the 80's. LOVE her.
This is how you remember Annie Lennox from 1983:

NEW YORK, Feb 19 (Reuters) - In the mid-1980s when singer Annie Lennox wore mens' suits, sported an orange crew-cut and faced constant questions about her androgynous image, she responded by coming to sing at the Grammy awards in full drag. (She was the SHIT that night, too. FEARLESS and FIERCE. I remember it...people were totally freaked out.)
Now after four solo albums, divorce, and a new greatest hits CD, the outspoken Scottish-born singer who first won fame as part of pop duo Eurythmics says those times are long out of fashion. (I disagree completely, Annie.)
"It became passé," she told Reuters.
But the 54-year-old Lennox, whose first retrospective CD "The Annie Lennox Collection" gets its U.S. release this week, says she still wants to retain her image as an artist on the edge of pop music and culture, as well as a powerful woman.

"I am thinking "OK, I don't want to end up like the proverbial 'mutton dressed as lamb' but how am I going to do this aging thing gracefully?" she said. (Madonna??? Are you even listening?)
"I still want to be an empowered performer, an empowered woman. I want women to see that and think, 'It's OK, she's got a few wrinkles and it's fine.' I don't have to lie about my age ... What's to be ashamed of? And what is so wrong about being older?" Amen, sister. (If only I could feel that confident myself...bleh.)
I feel like I am coasting right now. I feel pretty good," she said. "I am scared to say that, because you never know in life, do you?"

After this album, the political activist and mother of two girls said she will keep recording music and campaigning on issues such as AIDS in Africa and women's rights.

And Lennox is quick to add that she still prefers dressing in trousers. "I don't come across as pretty, sexy, all tits and arse. I never did, and I wouldn't now because I am too old for that," she said. "

(Editing by Bob Tourtellotte and Eric Walsh)
Annie NEVER capitalized on her beauty. She could have, though--but in order to be "taken seriously", she always downplayed her lovely, perfectly symetrical features. I'm still a huge admirer.


Anonymous said...

FYI: The Revenge album cover you show is from 1986 (see ), a completely different Annie and Eurythmics than 1983.

DivaJulia said...

Anon: I stand corrected--thanks! I fixed my error! Welcome!