Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mike Tyson's Daughter Passes Away

Mike Tyson

There are times when the words, "everything happens for a reason" simply don't apply or seem acceptable. What sort of reason would there be for this tragedy?

Published: May 26, 2009

Filed at 7:32 p.m. ET

PHOENIX (AP) -- "Police say the 4-year-old daughter of boxer Mike Tyson has died a day after her neck accidentally was caught in a treadmill cord while she was playing at home.

Phoenix police spokesman Andy Hill said Exodus Tyson was pronounced dead in a hospital just before noon Tuesday. Police have said an investigation showed it was a ''tragic accident.''

Police say the girl was playing on the treadmill Monday when her head apparently slipped inside a cord hanging under the console. Exodus' 7-year-old brother found her and alerted his mother.

Former heavyweight champion Tyson was in Las Vegas at the time of the accident and flew to Phoenix on Monday."


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